Valentines Park

About Nursery

Our nursery is based inside Valentines Park and benefits from a beautiful outdoor environment and provides a varied range of indoor and outdoor learning opportunities. Having a large garden at the front as well as one at the back allows our children to continue their learning outdoors.

You’ll love our location inside Valentines Park. The park has been given a Green Flag Award and has been voted top ten in the country in the UK 2019 People’s Choice awards

Our Rooms

In baby room, we explore the three prime areas in a variety of ways. We use a lot of sensory activities and enjoy getting messy with water, paint, sand/soil etc.

We have split the room into specific areas and we have the following areas; a creative area, messy area, home corner, construction area and a sensory play area. We combine the prime areas within the children’s play and sometimes can even include the specific areas for some of our older babies.

Being based in a fantastic location, we are able to visit the ducks and park regularly as well as going into Ilford centre via public transport to promote sense of community as majority of our children travel by car.

We also have our own garden directly behind the room with a fence for extra safety. In the garden, we have a playhouse, a bridge, a slide, sand/water tray and other resources. Having these equipment in the garden means that the children are always physically active as they learn how to walk across the bridge and climb the steps on the slide. Our garden is made up of half real grass and half astro-turf. This widens the range of sensory outdoors.

The babies in our room grow close bonds with the staff and children which allows us to teach them how to sit up, crawl and walk as well as feed themselves and talk.

The best bit yet, nappies and wipes are paid for! 😉

Our toddler room is laid out to support different forms of learning from quiet cosy area to the messy area and more where children will learn various life skills. We regularly change our room layout to adapt to the children’s needs.

Here at kGems, we believe children should be allowed to get messy and explore as the best way for a child to learn is by being at ease, comfortable and most importantly, TO HAVE FUN! If we role model good behavior, the children will follow.

Our main focus is to create a nurturing and stimulating environment and to enhance daily activities for their development by basing activities on the children’s interests and the EYFS framework.

The toddlers also transition from nappies to potty training and we work alongside parents/carers to understand that sometimes it can be a challenging time, however you can be assured that we have trained staff and by working together in the nursery and at home, we can do this!

To ease the transition into preschool, we also encourage children’s independence by using cutlery, drinking from a cup and dressing themselves.

The preschool room is laid out into areas of the EYFS to support the children with their learning. Our room engages children to explore their surrounding world and learn through play. The preschool room is constantly adapting to the children’s love and interests which enables our children to stay engaged throughout their years with us.

Our goal in preschool is to get them ready to learn at school. In preschool, we focus on independence by practicing how to dress themselves and learn to pour themselves water by using a jug. This is through self-serving and free flow activities.

We help the preschool children to be resilient, enjoy life and the company of staff and friends. We allow them to feel safe and practice being independent, young, happy and healthy.

We regularly take preschool out on local trips. They enjoy going to the park, using public transport to travel to play centre’s and other exciting places to get an insight into life outside nursery.

The children are lucky enough to have a beautiful outside area which they get to access a number of times throughout the day. We encourage free flow and promote risks for children to be aware of their surroundings and give them challenges to overcome.

The best bit of preschool life at kGems, is at the end of their time with us we hold a graduation party for them. The children get to wear a gown and cap and get their pictures taken professionally as well as walk down the red carpet in front of their friends and families.


Opening Times

Mon – Fri: 8:00am to 6pm (51 weeks)
(Early start of 7.30am available)

Cares for children aged

3 months to 5 years