About Nursery

Our new nursery, conveniently located near Highbury & Islington station in the heart of Islington, offers an exciting learning environment for your child. This dynamic setting is the perfect place for your child to thrive.

Here, children have a wide range of learning opportunities, ensuring they can explore, discover, and learn in a nurturing environment. We can’t wait to welcome your child to our new nursery in Islington, where every day is an adventure in learning and discovery.

Our Rooms

In our baby room, we engage in enriching activities that focus on the three core developmental areas. Through a diverse range of sensory experiences, we encourage exploration and foster growth. Our little ones revel in the joy of hands-on learning, immersing themselves in water play, paint, and the tactile sensation of sand or soil.
To meet each child’s specific needs, we’ve organised the room into designated areas, seamlessly integrating prime developmental focuses into playtime. We also adapt spaces to accommodate our older babies.
In our secure garden, children have the chance to learn in a natural environment, utilising various resources. This not only provides endless enjoyment but also contributes significantly to the physical development of our youngsters.
We place special emphasis on building strong bonds among our attentive staff, the children, and their peers. This close-knit environment allows us to guide and support babies through key milestones, from sitting up and crawling to those magical first steps.
And here’s the cherry on top: we’ve got you covered with nappies, wipes, and formula milkโ€”all included!
Our toddler room is thoughtfully designed to cater to various learning styles, offering a mix of cosy spaces and messy areas where children can acquire essential life skills. We dynamically adjust our room layout to meet the evolving needs of the children.
At kGems, we embrace the belief that children thrive when given the freedom to get messy and explore. We prioritize creating an environment where children feel at ease, comfortable, and, most importantly, have fun! We lead by example, understanding that our behavior serves as a powerful model for the children to follow.
Our primary objective is to cultivate a nurturing and stimulating atmosphere, enhancing daily activities aligned with both the children’s interests and the EYFS framework.
As toddlers transition from nappies to potty training, we collaborate closely with parents/carers. Recognising the potential challenges, our trained staff work in tandem with families both at the nursery and at home to navigate this phase successfully.
To smooth the transition into preschool, we actively encourage children’s independence. This involves fostering skills such as using cutlery, drinking from a cup, and dressing themselves. By doing so, we empower toddlers to embrace their growing autonomy.
Our preschool room is thoughtfully organised into areas aligned with the EYFS, providing a structured foundation for children’s learning. Designed to spark exploration and learning through play, our adaptable space evolves with the children’s evolving interests, ensuring ongoing engagement throughout their time with us.
In preschool, our focus is on preparing children for the school environment. We emphasise independence, encouraging self-dressing and the art of pouring water from a jug through self-serving and free-flow activities.
Our aim is to nurture resilient, joyful children who relish the company of staff and friends. We provide a safe environment for them to practice independence, fostering a sense of happiness and well-being.
Preschoolers enjoy regular local trips, exploring parks, using public transport for visits to play centers, and discovering exciting places beyond the nursery walls. Our outdoor area is a frequent retreat, encouraging risk-taking, and presenting challenges for them to overcome.
A highlight of the preschool experience at kGems is the graduation party. As they prepare to move on, children don gowns and caps, capturing professional pictures and walking down the red carpet in front of friends and familyโ€”a memorable celebration marking their time with us.

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Mon – Fri: 8:00am to 6pm (51 weeks)
Early start of 7.30am available

Cares for children aged

3 months to 5 years